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We have arranged block-reservations in several hotels around the venue in Bad Godesberg and in the city center of Bonn. By now, this block-reservation has officially expired, but for the time being, some hotels are still available. You can pick and book your room from this allotment through this link. Doing so, you will get a free public transport ticket (as PDF, to be printed in advance) valid for the full time of your stay, including the bus transfer between Cologne-Bonn airport and Bonn and/or the tram transfer between Siegburg/Bonn train station and Bonn.

You can also benefit from the free public transport ticket by booking your hotel through the website

It is easy and fast to get from Bonn Central Station ("Bonn Hauptbahnhof") to the venue in Bonn's borough of Bad Godesberg, via train or partially underground tram ("Stadtbahn"). Hotels close to the center of Bonn, or along the tram line between Bonn Hauptbahnhof and the venue are therefore also a good option.

The more unconventionally minded visitor might also like to consider a hotel on the eastern bank of the river, in the town of Königswinter. A ferry operates between Königswinter and Bonn-Bad Godesberg/Mehlem on the west bank of the Rhine. Cost: 1.20€ (9.50€ for 10 trips). The ferry leaves every 8 min, operating between 5:55h and 21:45h (weekend: 7:55h to 21:45h). Then, either have a walk to the venue (35 min) or take the bus (line 612, 23 min). Please note, there is no night-time service on the ferry. If you miss the last one, reaching Königswinter is slightly more complicated, e.g., by tram (line 66).


How to get to Bonn

  • By airplane

    Nearby airports include Köln-Bonn (CGN, 30 min by bus to Bonn), Frankfurt (FRA, 1:15-1:45 by train) and Düsseldorf (DUS, 1:30 by train).

    • CGN - Cologne-Bonn / Köln-Bonn

      To reach the city center and central station of Bonn, use the special airport bus SB60. The trip takes about 30 minutes, and there is a bus every 30 minutes (with few exceptions).

      The SB60 is included in the Hotel Ticket (to be printed out before your arrival, see above). If you don't have such a ticket, a single trip costs 8.20€. It's a special ticket "Flughafenlinie", available from the ticket machines and the bus driver.

      More information and a timetable can be found at the SWB website about the SB60. There is also a map of the SB60 stops within Bonn.

    • FRA - Frankfurt

      At FRA airport there are separate train terminals for local trains and long distance trains. You will need the latter, which is a well indicated 10-15 min walk from the terminal buildings.

      In order to get to Bonn search for a train connection at the DB website from "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf" to "Bonn Hbf" (if you want to go to Bonn city center). The most convenient option are direct trains, which run every other hour most of the day (e.g. departing at 13:58, 15:58, ...), take 1:46, and are routed via the scenic Rhine valley. Many alternative connections take the ICE sprinter. Here you have to change trains at "Siegburg/Bonn", from where you need to take the tram STR 66 to "Bonn Hbf (U)". If you plan to go to the venue directly you can enter "Bad Godesberg Stadthalle, Bonn" as destination.

      See Section "By train" below regarding tickets.

    • DUS - Düsseldorf

      At DUS airport you first have to take the skytrain from the terminal building to the airport railway station. From there you have good connections to Bonn.

      To check for connections at the DB website use "Düsseldorf Flughafen (DUS)" as your starting point. As destination use "Bonn Hbf" if you plan to go to Bonn city center or "Bad Godesberg Stadthalle, Bonn" if you plan to go to the venue directly.

      If you want to go to the venue directly, a good option are the RE trains leaving every hour, e.g. at 7:50 at DUS. Using these trains you can get off in "Bonn-Bad Godesberg" (which is two stops after Bonn Hbf, so no need to change here), from where you can either walk to the venue or hop onto the tram 16 or 63 for one stop.

      See Section "By train" below regarding tickets.

  • By train (DB)

    Train connections and booking (DB website)

    The destination to arrive at the city center of Bonn is "Bonn Hbf". You can also use the website to check for public transport connections directly to the venue: use "Bad Godesberg Stadthalle, Bonn" as destination.

    You can buy tickets for the trains online in advance (for long distance trains) or at the ticket machine at the train station. If you buy in advance you may get a discount ("Sparpreis"), but note that the discount ticket is only valid for the exact connection you have booked. In this case, if you miss the connection because of a delayed flight you would have to buy a new ticket. For the regular fare "Flexpreis" you can travel at a different time (on the same day), but have to use exactly the same routing and the same train category (or a cheaper one) as you have booked originally, where the relevant categories are ICE (fastest and most expensive), IC, and local trains (RE, RB, MRB, ABR, S, "Nahverkehr"). The DB ticket machines accept cash (for low fees no notes above 20€), credit card, and Maestro debit cards.

    Note that tickets for local public transport (bus, tram) are usually not included in your DB train ticket, unless this segment (e.g. from Siegburg/Bonn to Bonn Hbf) is explicitly included in the ticket (check your connection details) or if your ticket says "+City" (e.g. if you have a discount card "Bahncard").

Public transport: getting around in Bonn

Within Bonn, either use bus or tram, or the regional trains ("Nahverkehr", RB, RE). If you need them, tickets can be bought at ticket vendor machines from the local transportation company SWB at stations or major bus stops, or directly from the bus driver.

The ticket price level for trips within Bonn (including Bad Godesberg) is 1b, also known as "CityTicket", no matter if you travel by bus or tram. These 1b tickets can be obtained as single trip (2.90€), four trips ("4-Ticket", to be validated at each trip, 11.30€), or day ticket (8.60€).

Regular bus lines stop operating at about midnight. There are special night busses ("Nachtbus-Linie", N*) operating on particular routes at late hours.

More information about public transportation can be found on the SWB website.