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There are numerous museums in Bonn worth visiting. Five of these are conveniently clustered in the "Museumsmeile" area, along the tram line between Bonn and Bad Godesberg:

And around the central area of the city:


The Drachenfels (Dragon's Rock) is a hill located in the south-east of Bonn, on the eastern bank of the Rhine near the city of Königswinter (accessible by tram from Bonn).

The ancient castle ruins on its summit and the neogothic castle somewhat below are highly popular destinations for excursions in the Bonn region. The Drachenfels can also be accessed by a rack railway.

The legend tells that this is the place where Siegfried, the hero from the Nibelungen Saga, killed the dragon Fafnir and became almost invulnerable by bathing in his blood. On your way up the hill you will encounter the Nibelungenhalle depicting scenes from Richard Wagner's operas.

Picture of venue
The castle Drachenburg somewhat below the Drachenfels. Photo by Phantom3Pix under CC BY-SA 4.0

Schloss Augustusburg / Augustusburg Palace

Augustusburg Palace in the neighboring city of Brühl in the north of Bonn is listed as a cultural World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The rococo palace and its surrounding gardens and parks are definitely worth a visit.

By direct regional train you will get from Bonn Central Station to Brühl in about 25 minutes, the Palace being in 5 minutes walking distance from the station.

While there, you may also consider visiting the noteworthy exhibition in the Max-Ernst-Museum (Dadaism and Surrealism), right next to the palace.

See the website for more information on Augustusburg Palace.

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Photo by Wandernder Weltreisender under CC BY-SA 3.0

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For more ideas, visit Bonn's tourist information website.