Splinter Sessions

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S01  Organization Meeting
S02  Requirement Tracing
S03  IOT organization meeting
S04  Common Tools - EDEN 2.0
S05  Scientific Challenge 4/5/6
S06  Scientific Challenge 4/5/6 Simulations
S07  Archive Status
S08  Euclid SGS PA/QA Activities: implementation and reporting status
S09  OU-NIR Splinter
S10  OU-EXT Splinter
S11  OUs + WL/GC-SWG Mask and Covariance
S12  OU-LE3 + WL/GC-SWG Second Order Statistics and Beyond
S13  OU-MER, OU-PHZ and morphology SWGs splinter on morphology and photometry requirements
S14  Updates on Cross-correlation with CMB WG activities
S15  Update of Theory Working Group activities
S16  Cluster of Galaxies SWG
S17  GC/CS-SWG + OU-LE3: Likelihood + Covariances + Cross-correlation + New Probes
S18  GC-SWG + GC-E2E + SPV: GC Systematics
S19  GC-SWG: Lessons from other surveys
S20  CS-SWG: Flagship mock
S21  SWG-Galaxy Evolution & AGN
S22  Discussion of PU-SWG activities
S23  Mass Mapping, Higher Order Statistics and Clusters
S24  Redshift calibration
S25  Weak lensing error modelling
S26  Selection biases
S27  WL Validation and Verification
S28  SPV
S29  Complementary Observations
S30  Hawaii-Two-O (H20) project
S31  Blue Grism Working Group
S32  Environment WP
S33  Project and Publication Portals
S34  IST Cross Correlation (on Friday)
S35  US Group Meeting (on Tuesday)
S36  Early Career Committee (on Friday)

Splinter Abstracts

S01: Organization Meeting 16

  • Design review Action Check and interface discussion
  • Contact: Andrea Zacchei (andrea.zacchei à inaf.it)

S02: Requirement Tracing

  • GPRD - Calibration, OUs Requirement
  • Contact: Marc Sauvage (marc.sauvage à cea.fr), A. Zacchei (andrea.zacchei à inaf.it)

S03: IOT organization meeting

  • Define details of IOT activities, in particular for what regards the instruments monitoring
  • Contact: A. Gregorio (Anna.Gregorio à ts.infn.it), G. Buenadicha (Guillermo.Buenadicha à esa.int)

S04: Common Tools - EDEN 2.0

  • Status of the Common Tools, feedbacks, roadmap
  • Contact: Frederic Leroux (frederic.leroux à thales-services.fr), Christophe Dabin (Christophe.Dabin à cnes.fr), Maurice Poncet (Maurice.Poncet à cnes.fr)

S05: Scientific Challenge 4/5/6

  • 15 minute presentation by each PF of their objectives, progress, planning, organization and difficulties for SC456
  • Contact: Gavin Walmsley (Gavin.Walmsley à cnes.fr)

S06: Scientific Challenge 4/5/6 Simulations

  • Review the plan and status of the Scientific Challenge 4, 5 and 6 simulations and discuss any available feedback from OUs
  • Contact: Santiago Serrano (serrano à ieec.uab.es), Anne Ealet (ealet à cppm.in2p3.fr)

S07: Archive Status

  • The meeting will report on the activities of the Euclid Archive User Group and progress on the Euclid Archive development. Particular attention will be given to demonstrations of the user interfaces
  • Contact: B. Altieri (bruno.altieri à sciops.esa.int), A. Belikov (belikov à astro.rug.nl)

S08: Euclid SGS PA/QA Activities: implementation and reporting status

  • The aim of the spliter is to meet the PA/QA Leaders and check with them the progress status of the local PA/QA Activities (implementation and reporting) at their SDCs, at ST and at SOC. The focus will be put on the identification of open issues and solutions to solve them in a short time
  • Contact: C. Vuerli (claudio.vuerli à inaf.it)

S09: OU-NIR Splinter

  • F2F meeting to check status of SC4/5/6 activities and plan for next steps
  • Contact: G. Polenta (gianluca.polenta à asi.it)

S10: OU-EXT Splinter

  • The meeting will report on the activities of the OU-EXT, including SC4/5/6 and grounds based imaging status
  • Contact: G. Verdoes Kleijn (verdoes à astro.rug.nl)

S11: OUs + WL/GC-SWG Mask and Covariance

  • Joint splinter session between OU-LE3, SWG-WL and SWG-GC to discuss the progress on the definition of the TBD/TBCs requirements applying to the mask PF. These are: the size of the random catalog (50 times the data TBC); the accuracy of the masks for 2PCF (from the mask day in february, the baseline is to keep the error below 10% of the Poisson noise); the accuracy of the healpix mask for PS computations; Discuss the implementations of the masks with OU-MER, OU-PHZ, OU-SHE, OU-LE3 and EAS
  • Contact: Hervé Aussel (herve.aussel à cea.fr)

S12: OU-LE3 + WL/GC-SWG Second Order Statistics and Beyond

  • 15 minute presentation by each PF of their objectives, progress, planning, organization and difficulties for SC4/5/6
  • Contact: Emiliano Sefusatti (emiliano.sefusatti à inaf.it ), Cris Porciani (cporcian à uni-bonn.de), Martin Kilbinger (martin.kilbinger à cea.fr)

S13: OU-MER, OU-PHZ and morphology SWGs splinter on morphology and photometry requirements

  • The goal of the splinter is to have a common discussion on the photometry and morphometry quantities (and relevant performances/requirements) needed to fulfill core and legacy science goals
  • Contact: M. Castellano (marco.castellano à oa-roma.inaf.it), S. Paltani (Stephane.Paltani à unige.ch), P.A. Duc (pierre-alain.duc à astro.unistra.fr)

S14: Updates on Cross-correlation with CMB WG activities

  • The Working Group (WG) has identified priority activities: Theoretical modeling for prediction and analysis; Development of simulations suitable for CMBX activities; Building & testing estimators for the measurement of CMBX probes; Construction the CMBX modules of the Euclid cosmological Likelihood; Quantifying the actual needs for new generation CMB data. The progress on these activities follows different timescales and has different level of readiness. The splinter session taking place between the two yearly WG meeting (Spring and Autumn) will allow us to have an overview of and monitor the progress of the WG activities
  • Contact: Nabila Aghanim (nabila.aghanim à ias.u-psud.fr), Carlo Baccigalupi (bacci à sissa.it)

S15: Update of Theory Working Group activities

  • Discuss the prospect of the work within the Theory WG. In particular: update/revision of the science review paper; update/review of the theory parameter definition document; review of the work carried out within the WPs; optimization of the science return
  • Contact: Luca Amendola (l.amendola à thphys.uni-heidelberg.de), Martin Kunz (martin.kunz à unige.ch), Matteo Viel (viel à oats.inaf.it)

S16: Cluster of Galaxies SWG

  • We will update the whole working group on the progress of the different work packages, the cluster cosmology challenge, the Selection Function Tiger Team and Simulation Requirements. This session is joint with OU-LE3 Clusters
  • Contact: Jim Bartlett (bartlett à apc.univ-paris7.fr), Lauro Moscardini (lauro.moscardini à unibo.it), Jochen Weller (jochen.weller à usm.lmu.de)

S17: GC/CS-SWG + OU-LE3: Likelihood + Covariances + Cross-correlation + New Probes

  • This is a joint session led by GC SWG, with participation from CS-SWG and OU-LE3, and will focus on key issues in the GC likelihood analysis (including covariance matrices and cross-correlation), as well as additional GC probes such as voids
  • Contact: Carmelita Carbone, Dida Markovic, Adam Hawken, Alkistis Pourtsidou

S18: GC-SWG + GC-E2E + SPV: GC Systematics

  • This is a joint session led by GC-SWG, with participation from GC-E2E and SPV, and will focus on observational systematic effects in GC data analysis
  • Contact: Lado Samushia, Marco Scodeggio

S19: GC-SWG: Lessons from other surveys

  • It will focus on disseminating the lessons learned from other surveys, thus critical for the work carried out in the GC SWG
  • Contact: Luigi Guzzo (luigi.guzzo à brera.inaf.it), Will Percival (will.percival à uwaterloo.ca), Yun Wang (wang à ipac.caltech.edu)

S20: CS-SWG: Flagship mock

  • CS-SWG splinter to focus on the validation of the Flagship mock and the discussion of plans for v2.0
  • Contact: Pablo Fosalba (fosalba à gmail.com)

S21: SWG-Galaxy Evolution & AGN

  • General updates and updates on the morphology WP
  • Contact: Jarle Brinchmann (brinchmann à strw.leidenuniv.nl)

S22: Discussion of PU-SWG activities

  • Initial discussion on Key Projects and Standard Projects, including flagship papers, as described in the Publication Policy; Organization of these Key Projects
  • Contact: Jean-Gabriel Cuby (jean-gabriel.cuby à lam.fr), Sune Toft (sune à dark-cosmology.dk)

S23: Mass Mapping, HOS and Clusters

  • Joint splinter session between mass mapping WP, Higher-Order Statistics WP in WL-SWG, Clusters-SWG and LE3 to start sharing information and methods on the cosmological probes based on the mass maps
  • Contact: N.Martinet (nmartine à uni-bonn.de), S.Pires (sandrine.pires à cea.fr), V.Cardone, I.Tereno, S. Maurogordato

S24: Redshift calibration

  • Joint splinter session between OU-PHZ, OU-LE3, and WLSWG (and possibly OU-EXT) to divide the work necessary to calibrate the redshift distributions of WL sources
  • Contact: H. Hildebrandt (hendrikhildebrandt à gmail.com), R. Chary, O. Ilbert

S25: Weak lensing error modelling

  • Joint splinter session between WL Covariance Taskforce, OU-LE3, Likelihood WP, and Simulation SWG
  • Contact: B. Joachimi (b.joachimi à ucl.ac.uk), E. Sellentin (elena.sellentin à unige.ch)

S26: Selection biases

  • Joint splinter session between WLSWG and OU-SHE, GC-SWG, OU-VIS, OU-PHZ
  • Contact: A. Pujol (arnaupv à gmail.com), A. Kannawadi (arunkannawadi à strw.leidenuniv.nl)

S27: WL Validation and Verification

  • Joint splinter session between OU-VIS, OU-PHZ, OU-SHE, OU-LE3 (WL) and WL-SWG to discuss efforts to address the WL-related TBDs/TBCs in the Requirement Documents, mostly in VIS, SHE and LE3-WL. We will propose concrete tests to fill the TBDs/TBCs, under the understanding that this is WL-SWG work. The main focus would be on tests that involve VIS/SHE and SHE/LE3 interfaces. We exclude the the TBC/TBD in LE3 covariance, which is discussed in another proposed splinter
  • Contact: B. Joachimi (b.joachimi à ucl.ac.uk), R. Nakajima (reiko.nakajima à gmail.com)

S28: SPV

  • Review the results of SPV2 and organize the writing of the MPDR v2.0 document
  • Contact: Hervé Aussel (herve.aussel à cea.fr)

S29: Complementary Observations

  • Konrad Kuijken (session overview), Peter Capak (Euclid Deep plans + SLS + H2O), JC Cuillandre (Euclid Wide plans + CFIS), Ken Chambers (Pan-STARRS), Jesus Varela (JEDIS-g)
  • Contact: Konrad Kuijken (kuijken à strw.leidenuniv.nl), Jean-Charles Cuillandre (jc.cuillandre à cea.fr)

S30: Hawaii-Two-O (H20) project

  • Presentation of the H20 project, discussion on observing strategies for both the imaging and spectroscopy parts, preparation of Euclid, early science cases, etc.
  • Contact: Jean-Gabriel Cuby (jean-gabriel.cuby à lam.fr), Sune Toft (sune à dark-cosmology.dk)

S31: Blue Grism Working Group

  • The splinter provides a status update for the Blue Grism (0.92-1.3 micron) related activities. We will review the blue grism science definition, which encompasses the leading science case (high-z universe) and promising other cases which can be carried out once blue grism data can be made available. We discuss the work that has to be done to support the science case. The aim is to identify the open issues and the necessary development tasks, within the Euclid overall planning and development framework
  • Contact: R. Laureijs (rlaureij à cosmos.esa.int), C. Scarlata (mscarlat à umn.edu), A. Cimatti (a.cimatti à unibo.it), J. Brinchmann (jarle à strw.leidenuniv.nl)

S32: Environment WP

  • Since this WP has grown quite a bit in the past years and now embraces people coming from different scientific backgrounds (from the clusters SWG to the Local Universe SWG) who do not necessarily know each other, we have set up this small splinter to present the WP and have a get together
  • Contact: Manuela Magliocchetti (manuela.magliocchetti à iaps.inaf.it), Gabriella de Lucia (delucia à oats.inaf.it), Simona Mei (simona.mei à obspm.fr)

S33: Project and Publication Portals

  • This splinter is mainly aimed at ECEB and PG members to test and discuss the latest versions of the web portals for EC projects (Science, Technical, Data Release) and associated publication projects (Publication Tracking). The session will start with demonstrations of the publication and project portals by the lead developers Patrick Simon and Jascha Schewtschenko. The rest of the session will be used to allow attendees to test the portals to understand the systems, and provide feedback directly to the developers.
  • Contact: Will Percival (will.percival à uwaterloo.ca), Peter Schneider (peter à astro.uni-bonn.de)

S34: IST Cross Correlation

  • Friday 15th, 09:00h-17.15h
  • Hack session day for the IST working group on cross-correlation
  • Contact: Alain Blanchard (alain.blanchard à irap.omp.eu)

S35: US Group Meeting

  • Tuesday 12th, 08:00h-09:00h
  • Meeting of all the US Euclid People
  • Contact: Jason Rhodes (jason.d.rhodes à jpl.nasa.gov)

S36: Early Career Workshop

  • Friday 15th, 09:00h-12.30h
  • The idea behind the Early Career Workshop is to offer career and professional development activities at the EC annual meetings aimed at increasing awareness of career options inside and outside of academia, and strategies for pursuing them. We also intend to act as points of contact to any early-career researcher. Everybody is welcome to attend, but please indicate in the form if you are interested to join the EC Early Career Workshop. The event will include:
    • exploration of soft skills and how to develop them
    • discussion of the way that academic careers work
    • pointers for preparing for non-academic careers
    • advice from ex-members of our community who are now working in industry
  • Contact: Bogna Kubik (bkubik à ipnl.in2p3.fr)